Photo Page II

These photos are courtesy of Paul, Julie, Larry, & Mary.
Let's get ready to RUMMMBLE!
Yeah, I took the ice chest - what of it?
Lining up for the wine tour (Morro Bay Invitational '98)
On our way to another winery...or so we thought.
Check out them crazy t-shirts!
Unfortunately, we were cruelly denied our booze.
Aw, it's only 2 deep.
We were just pissin' in the wind, I guess.
When ya gotta go...
Larry and Mary by the pool.
Young love - aint it fine!
We're rich!  Paul & Julie collect the dinner cash.
She can't believe the bar tab (!)
Gene is taken aback at the high price of gasoline.
$1.75 ?!?  No way!!!
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