Photo Page VIII

These photos are courtesy of Kevin & Marla.
Lance's 1st Place Award - '98 Autumn Classic
That's a beautiful pickle dish!
Leavin' the other marques in our dust.
Howdy, James!
Lined up with the Moorpark Roam 'n Relics.
Dig those crazy louvers, man!
We staked out our spot next to the LOUDspeakers.
It's got that deep, rich Lemon Pledge shine!
Rare LAT350 trunk-mounted transmission.
We'll help you store the beer, Ramon!
Darrell shines up his latest acquisition.
No Stefan - you can't have one.
It's way cool.
Hey mister!  What kind of kit is that?!?
Follow the leader.
Margaritas are consumed...
...and that's how we won the Lord Rootes trophy!
...with the desired effect.
Just chillin' out.
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