Lava Lamp onna tableRATZ Links

A beer site, a Murphy's review, and:Murphy's Irish Stout

Getcha motor runnin...  Lance contributed this very nice
Alpine brochure - check out the exterior and interior.
I'll bite you Chuck has a cool bitmap that he uses
on his windoze desktop - click here to download.
Click here to download a proposed postage stamp.

Fry ThisMarla likes to try new recipes.
The Bon Appetit website has both food AND drink.
Wow - I'm seein' tracers and meltdowns, man!Phil is a connoisseur of neon signs and wine.
Don & Nancy and Eddie each have a Corvette (Eddie's
is remarkably quick for a 7000 lb car).  Larry & Mary are
photographers and have a dog, Spike.  Paul & Julie have
an interest in botany.  Darrell is an artist and
owns a couple of Thunderbirds.
And Stefan lovesMONSTER TRUCKS!
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